Continuous Ultrafiltration - Fluytec's c-UF

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c-UF Main Benefits

New Generation of UF – Continuous Ultrafiltration for High-Quality Water

Fluytec’s c-UF (Continuous Ultrafiltration) family redefines the standard for small and medium-sized applications where the demand for high-quality water is paramount. This skid-mounted ultrafiltration system is designed to provide a continuous production process, even during cleaning procedures, without the need for additional equipment like backwash tanks, pumps, or blowers.

Key Features:

  1. Continuous Ultrafiltration: Based on Fluytec’s proprietary design, the c-UF system delivers a continuous production process, ensuring a constant supply of high-quality water. This is a game-changer for applications that require uninterrupted operation, such as Nanofiltration (NF) or Reverse Osmosis (RO) processes.

  2. Cost and Space Savings: Thanks to the system’s innovative cleaning procedure, you can operate the c-UF system without the need for a backwash tank, pump, or blower. This not only saves a significant cost but also minimizes the system’s footprint, making it a highly efficient and space-saving choice for ultrafiltration (UF) applications.

  3. Integration with RO Systems: c-UF skids are ideal for direct coupling with RO (Reverse Osmosis) systems, creating a seamless water treatment solution that can be integrated into a single skid. This ensures a streamlined and efficient water treatment process.

  4. Containerized Plant Ready: The compact design of the c-UF system makes it a perfect fit for containerized water treatment plants, allowing for easy and efficient deployment in various locations.