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i-UF Technology
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Fluytec i-UF – Integrated Ultrafiltration for Compact and High-Pressure Filtration

Fluytec introduces i-UF (Integrated Ultrafiltration), a proprietary technology that seamlessly combines two filtration stages—self-cleaning strainers and ultrafiltration—into a single pressure vessel. This innovative design delivers the most compact ultrafiltration solution on the market while ensuring the highest quality of filtration.

Key Features:

  1. Two-Stage Integration: i-UF redefines ultrafiltration by integrating two filtration stages within a single vessel. This groundbreaking approach not only reduces the system’s footprint but also enhances filtration efficiency.

  2. High-Pressure Capabilities: The pressure vessels for i-UF are designed under the most relevant design codes, such as ASME-X, and can be customized for various pressures and temperature ratings. This makes i-UF the ideal solution for direct UF/RO coupling applications and other high-pressure filtration requirements.

  3. Reduced Pressure Drop: The integration of the two filtration stages minimizes pressure drop through the system, ensuring consistent and efficient filtration performance.

  4. Enhanced Membrane Protection: In the unique design of i-UF, the self-cleaning filter is installed immediately before the UF membranes, effectively serving as a reliable “bodyguard” . This safeguard ensures the protection of the membranes against solids, significantly increasing the longevity and efficiency of the filtration process.

  5. Built for Harsh Environments: Like all Fluytec products, i-UF filters are engineered to thrive in challenging conditions. Crafted from non-corrosive materials and featuring UV-protective finishing, these filters are suitable for outdoor installation.