FTPV Series - Fluytec's PVC Filter Housings

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Fluytec´s classic PVC Housing: High Quality in a simple design

Fluytec’s FTPV Series PVC filter housings are a smart and budget-conscious choice for filtration needs that align with lower pressure requirements and small to medium flow rates.

Ideal for Low Pressure RO Feed and medium pressure rating

Designed with a standard design pressure of 6 Bar, the FTPV Series is engineered to excel within the lower pressure range. This specialized focus ensures that these filter housings deliver optimal performance within their intended operating conditions.

Perfect for Small to Medium Flows

With flow capacities ranging from 3 m3/h to 150 m3/h, the FTPV Series is tailor-made for applications demanding moderate flow rates. This versatile family of filter housings reliably caters to your filtration needs without compromise.

Fluytec’s FTPV Series PVC filter housings offer the ideal solution for applications that require cost-effective, dependable filtration within the lower pressure spectrum and small to medium flow scenarios.