The SMP Series - Fluytec´s Static Mixers

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Achieving Superior Mixing Efficiency with Static Mixers

Explore the innovative SMP family of Static Mixers by Fluytec, designed to revolutionize the blending of reactive substances, typically liquid chemicals, in a water current. Installed within pipes, these mixers aim to achieve a homogeneous mixture in a remarkably short length of pipe.

Key Features of Fluytec’s SMP Family:

  1. Proprietary Blade Design: Fluytec’s SMP mixers boast a proprietary blade design, ensuring exceptional mixing efficiency while maintaining an impressively low pressure drop. This unique feature sets our mixers apart in delivering unparalleled performance.

  2. Wide Injectors (DN 25): To prevent obstructions and enhance versatility, the SMP family incorporates wide injectors with a DN 25 designation. This design choice ensures smooth and obstruction-free operation, contributing to the effectiveness of the mixing process.

  3. Full FRP Construction: Crafted with precision, Fluytec’s SMP mixers feature a full Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) construction in a wide range of diameters. This construction not only guarantees durability but also protects against corrosion, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable solution.

  4. PTFE Coating Option for Exothermic Chemicals: Understanding the diverse nature of chemical processes, Fluytec offers the option of PTFE coating for injectors handling exothermic chemicals. This additional layer enhances resistance and ensures optimal performance in demanding applications.

  5. Minimum Maintenance: The SMP family is engineered with user convenience in mind, requiring minimal maintenance. This feature contributes to the cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency of the static mixers, making them a reliable choice for various industries.

Fluytec’s SMP Static Mixers redefine the standards of mixing efficiency, combining cutting-edge design with robust construction. Whether your application involves reactive chemicals or demands a high level of homogeneity, our SMP mixers are the solution you can trust.