FTAUR Series - Fluytec's Self Cleaning Filters

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Introducing Fluytec’s FTAUR Series Self Cleaning Filters: Ideal UF System Pretreatment

Discover Fluytec’s cutting-edge FTAUR Series Self Cleaning Filters, the ultimate solution for seamless ultrafiltration (UF) system pretreatment. Our automatic backwash filters redefine filtration efficiency, ensuring uninterrupted operation with the added advantage of automatic backwashing.

Why Choose Fluytec’s Self Cleaning Filters?

  1. Continuous Filtration: Our self-cleaning filters offer a seamless blend of continuous filtration and efficient backwashing, making them perfect for applications where uninterrupted filtering is paramount.

  2. Designed for Demanding Environments: Specifically engineered to tackle the challenges of seawater filtration and ultrafiltration plants, these filters are your go-to choice for rigorous and corrosive environments.

  3. Quality Materials: Crafted from top-notch materials, our filters feature GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) bodies built to meet the most stringent standards, such as ASME-X

  4. Customized Filtration: Our Stainless Steel filter elements, available in various grades from AISI316 to 254SMO (PREn:43), are meticulously designed based on flow rates and filtration requirements, ensuring optimal performance.

  5. Streamlined Automation: With optional auxiliary elements like electrical panels, PLCs, differential pressure gauges, geared motors, and solenoid valves, our filters can be configured into compact and fully automated systems. 

Experience the future of filtration with Fluytec’s FTAUR Series Self Cleaning Filters. Enhance your UF system’s efficiency and reliability today.