FTP BL Series - Top Efficiency Filtration for Small and Medium Capacities

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Compact boltless solution for a wide range of applications

At Fluytec, we take pride in introducing the FTP BL Series, a cutting-edge family of filtration solutions engineered to meet the needs of small and medium-capacity projects. Our FTP BL Series is designed with your convenience and performance in mind, offering an array of features that set it apart.

Key Features:

  1. Boltless Quick Opening System: Experience unmatched convenience with Fluytec’s proprietary Boltless Quick Opening system. This innovation ensures rapid and hassle-free access to the filtering elements, streamlining maintenance and reducing downtime.

  2. Harsh Environment Ready: The FTP BL Series is built to thrive in challenging conditions. Crafted from non-corrosive materials and enhanced with UV protection, these filters excel in harsh environments, maintaining their structural integrity and performance over time.

  3. Customizable Options: We understand that every project is unique. The FTP BL Series is available in various cartridge lengths and different fixing configurations, allowing you to tailor your filtration solution to your precise requirements.

  4. ASME-X Standard: Rest easy with our commitment to quality and safety. Each FTP BL Series unit is designed under the ASME-X standard, ensuring consistent performance and durability. These filters maintain a standard pressure rating of up to 10 bar, providing peace of mind for a range of applications.