HF FTP Series - Fluytec's FRP High Flows

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Fluytec HF FTP Family – Compact Excellence for High Flow Filtration

The Fluytec HF FTP Family is the ultimate solution for high-flow filtration, setting a new industry standard for compactness and versatility. Designed to accommodate high flow cartridge elements, this family of filters offers a compact, efficient, and customizable solution for various applications.

Key Features:

  1. High Flow Filtration: The HF FTP Family is tailored to house high flow cartridge elements, making it the ideal choice for treating high flows in an incredibly compact vessel. It ensures efficient filtration without sacrificing valuable space.

  2. Unparalleled Compactness: Fluytec’s proprietary design has made this family the most compact filters in the market. Their space-saving design allows for easy integration into any setup, offering superior filtration without the bulk.

  3. Versatile Arrangements: The HF FTP Family is available in both horizontal and vertical arrangements, allowing you to choose the layout that best suits your project. You can also customize cartridge lengths, pressure ratings, and even the colors to match your specific requirements.

  4. Built to Last: Just like all Fluytec products, these filters are engineered to thrive in harsh environments. Crafted from non-corrosive materials and featuring UV-protective finishing, they maintain their structural integrity and performance, even in challenging conditions.

  5. ASME-X Standard: Safety and quality remain paramount. Each unit in the HF FTP Family is designed under the ASME-X standard, ensuring consistent performance and maintaining a standard pressure rating of up to 16 bar.

  6. Enhanced Efficiency and User Friendliness: The HF FTP Family incorporates multiple developments to enhance filtration and hydraulic efficiency while integrating several features designed for operator user-friendliness.