Fluytec's Pleated High Flow Cartridges

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Pleated High Flow Series Filter Cartridges

  • Depth pleated structure, combination of multiple media, high dirt holding capacity and absolute micron rating.
  • 100% Polypropylene construction suitable for Water, Amine and wide range of chemical solution filtration.
  • Greater filtration surface area per cartridge, high flow rate, low delta pressure and longer service life, low filtration operating cost and labor cost.
  • Retention Rating from 1 to 50 μm.
  • Inside to outside flow pattern, captures all contaminants at inside of filter element, preventing dirt release on changing cartridge.
  • Greater filtration surface area per cartridge, longer service life, significantly reduces the waste disposal for incinerator, more environmental friendly.
  • Suitable for high liquid filtration, such as Cooling Water Filtration, RO Pre-Filtration, Seawater Desalination, Amine Circulation Filtration and all kinds of chemical solution filtration.
  • Install with HF FTP High Flow filter housing, saves space and equipment cost.
  • Manufacture in Class 10,000 clean room environment.